Corecam is an independent, partner owned investment adviser to global entrepreneurs and their families. Founded in 2009, Corecam has a proven track record as an active investor in both multi-asset class investment management as well as exclusively sourced co-investments
Corecam has consistently grown its assets under management to today’s institutional
size and invested in more than 60 real-asset related co-investments since inception.
Corecam specializes in globally diversified capital preservation strategies as well as
the sourcing, arranging and structuring of co-investments in ‘transitional’ real assets
such as real estate, infrastructure and select private companies on a deal by deal basis
Corecam has delivered above average risk-adjusted returns in its core investment management
strategies and achieved attractive opportunistic returns with its co-investments
in real assets at interesting entry levels and with significant upside potential

In today’s world facing unprecedented financial challenges,
it is more crucial than ever to choose an investment adviser
who understands the needs of global entrepreneurs and specializes in wealth preservation
investment strategies, exclusive co-investment opportunities as well as advice associated with complex wealth situations.
Corecam Family Office is independent and privately held by its partners.
We believe in alignment of interests through co-investments of the partners.
Corecam is subject to all regulatory provisions to asset managers
applicable in both Switzerland (FINMA) and Singapore (MAS).

Family Office

Corecam is the family office arm of Corecam Investment Group. Since its creation in 2009, Corecam grew to become a leading investor with global perspectives across liquid asset classes as well as direct investments in real assets. We specialize in globally diversified capital preservation strategies. Our select clientele includes entrepreneurs, large families, foundations and companies in Europe and Asia. In our offices in Zurich, Frankfurt, Vienna, Singapore and Hồ Chí Minh we employ roughly 35 experienced and dedicated industry specialists from a variety of backgrounds.

Investment Activities

We primarily manage segregated portfolios either based on Corecam’s proprietary capital preservation strategy or based on a multi manager approach. Corecam also offers portfolio advisory services including identification, due diligence, selection and monitoring of investment ideas and solutions, independent portfolio analysis as well as complimentary asset allocation advice. Corecam has furthermore established a track record in sourcing, arranging and structuring successful co-investments in real assets such as real estate, infrastructure and select private companies on a deal by deal basis.